Merry Christmas, dear friends!
Καλά Χριστούγεννα, φίλοι μου
Υγεία, χαρά και προκοπή


dear friends, hello!
i wish you are well
i 've been absent for quite some time, i do not know when i shall be back
actually it feels that time goes by in an extreme rhythm even quicker than the clock
i am sure we cannot catch up but if we are, as i certainly wish for myself, the kind
of human that works like an ant constantly patiently carrying huge loads greater than
what seems to be its obvious capacity, then,
we shall be able to believe that life is not wasted into the void.
I always and will always make this appeal.

if this shall be my last entry,
this should be a word for my country.
what is being done to my country is proven to be a definite crime that has been organised and methodically executed for a long time (at least since 1985).
This is the end of Greece.
You are meant to believe (our politicians certainly believe so) that we deserve such an end, but this cannot be true. Every human deserves to die with dignity.
This should apply, i think, to historic nations as mine, too.

Our death has been announced to us. There is not going to be any war. Just words from screens and agreements we are not told about. We have no choice. We cannot fight for our children. Our country's death has been announced to us. It is renamed; it is now called "salvation". It is legalised.

thank you.


today there is a white sky above us 
sunlight dissolved




and Turks