sometimes I feel we are so cut off from everything - we are looking out from a steel window, and the world keeps "dancing" into the universe;
sometimes I like this human-made new civilities and civilisations, they seem to be fun;

but there is 'no end to that keyboard' and there is no understanding in a mere human steel reflection


Greek painters in the 19th century [here]


this synthesis seems strange to me: the red colours, some items reminding of the past, traditions, the mixture of social and kind little personal and domestic moments, contrasting influences, some nobleness and some serenity in difficult historical times.


My kind of work requires time; I cannot work very fast.

My mind and my hand take time to be adjoined.


on the top of the hill (Τούμπα), there stands a small church


today's walk

There is tearing up and there is comparing.

time reversed and transformed




the more we relate time with space, the better we remember

lives turning into spaces in the memories of the past everywhere



these are accidental views

While on the move, there sometimes occurs a
kind enrichment into moments of spare time
so as to keep us looking where there was nothing in particular,
until now.

But our eyes hardly see what a camera sees;
photographs portray what we have done, where we have been, who we are, in time, in space.
This is what we 've got:
in fact
a mere reflection,
a picture somewhat inherently accidental,
I think.


Η ποιητική αντιμετώπιση της αρχιτεκτονικής από τον Aldo Rossi αναμφίβολα προβληματίζει το κοινό του...

"Είμαι απλά ένας αρχιτέκτονας. Το να είναι κανείς αρχιτέκτονας δεν σημαίνει μονάχα να σχεδιάζει και να κατασκευάζει, αλλά να μελετά και να ζει τα προβλήματα της αρχιτεκτονικής με έναν προσωπικό τρόπο".

Έτσι είχε αρχίσει ο Aldo Rossi τη διάλεξη που έδωσε τον Απρίλη του 1983 ...

Βασιλική Πετρίδου ("Η Αρχιτεκτονική της Πόλης" του Aldo Rossi)

κάποιος θα μπορούσε να μου εξηγήσει
τη φράση: 'Η ποιητική... το κοινό του',
γιατί δεν καταλαβαίνω.

Aldo Rossi
Venezia analoga
Wax Crayon on printed base
28.1 x 23.2 in. / 71.5 x 59 cm.


time to go
with a soft memory.


I keep asking: how much do I need?

I watch us being infatuated with things when we are mostly satisfied by obtaining them. That's what I like about Finns- if I am not mistaken, they use, touch and feel. I think that's as much as I need.

So, I am into building in my dreams.

η γιορτή της Θεοτόκου

Κοίμηση Θεοτόκου
Dormition of Theotokos, El Greco

Χρόνια πολλά


[in time]

So, you see, it is not actually important what I choose to buy, but why, and - most importantly- from whom, where and how, that is how am I positioned in a structure of relationships that allows me and, at the same time, restricts me from being free, the way freedom would originally be.

The same goes for the places that I choose to visit and the things that I choose to do. That position is as easily recognizable as the sound of a branch while the wind comes across the forest.

day 5

narrow streets that get narrower when you look up

"Change in the conventional economic structural variables may be accounted for in terms of lifestyle change - and, conversely, patterns of daily life may be explained in terms of economic structure...
All this may sound very academic and far removed from matters of day-to-day economic management. But it has, on the contrary, the most practical of implications. It provides the necessary basis for understanding the process of the emergence of post-industrial societies, a picture of socio-economic change..."

Jonathan Gershuny (Changing Times: Change in the Conditions of Life)

So you see, the society that produced this kind of living does no longer exist. I am thrilled to be walking around and inside these imprints on present time, just like I would have been if I visited an archaeological site.


day 4

time for coffee
time for friends

ps. I feel the urge to say : aestheticism is not a prime interest of mine. I love beauty when I can find it. But there is always meaning and the meaning is, as we often say, socially constructed. So, there it is. A society (or more than one actually) inside each picture. Striving into cultural transmissions, in time and space.