these last days before the reborn spring
in Thrace



today, it was snowing. As i was walking, i felt snow softly and instantly touching my face. So little touch nowadays. And I could not even see it clearly!

But two days ago, we almost had 20 degrees. And i was reminded of opened windows and spring nights and seas.



where did we stand

to catch a breath

after the run

danger approaches
as foreseen


I salute you all. This place has turned out to be similar to my place in real life and my life itself. Those who enter are many, but few are the ones who stay and return.

if only i had a camera with me these past days! I saw the sea and different layers of blue transmitting life through the sky. There was no end to what I could see, alone I, walking and going. I wish for strength that will come from a united pace.


landscape of the horizon

what once was treated with awe, is now subject to pity and quilt (Alain de Botton)