once Chopin was my favorite composer; now i prefer Bach.
I chose Ηadjidakis then, now Theodorakis feels like home.
Once i dreamed of Venice; now, of a whole different universe.


substantial change

ps. Ritva, i started my list, after your playful nomination, in slow motion, i am afraid.



I have accepted my name
a shape inside an echo

this was me holding my sister's hand
trailing the way


in a draft of thought, in a draft of life
traveler i
testing those different lines
inside one i saw some light.



one learns a lot through study and Reason. But it is as if he wants to diminish reality. As if he thinks that all things are dangerous and he wants to eliminate them all through analysis, through the peculiar thirst for Reason. For me real knowledge is the things we do not know which set our imagination free to build palaces and create secret gardens.

I am educated through both, through Reason and the absence of knowledge. When I was scared, I used Reason to diminish the force that threatened me. But when I was thirsty for happiness, I let myself in the gaze of ignorance that's convincing: there is no danger and everything is pure. Reason helped me defend myself, protect me from the irreversible. Ignorance made me blissful and a mythmaker.

Giannis Tsarouchis
(trasl. by me)


behind me, the little bird is exercising its singing undisturbed. The trembling neck almost like a soft alive flute; it brings to my mind Matisse


the connection edge


when I think of life, what an adventure does it hold for us people!
we never know where and how and with what, with whom we are going to live
we never know but we whisper
and there is mystery and small entrustments


It was some time that I wasn't around children. So, there I was in an adult world. I entered the class. Children were everywhere. Where did my child-reaction come from so suddenly? But I had to gain control again: I now am the teacher.

I figure out the tales, moving from one role to others. I play. I think it is most difficult to confine myself just to some. But, how can one be really good at so many?

Yet, this childhood I am surrounded by is not quite the image of my idea of the real one. I am confronted by the fact: I can no longer have but the idea of the child-reaction. I am in the path: knowledge surrounds me, it is everywhere. Not the actual knowledge itself, but the prospect of approaching it, always inside each reach.

Nor would I envy losing it nor would I envy possessing it.

Not being a funny adult, I find myself making some little ones laughing out loud. I use words, I sketch. I am trying to exercise the unexpected.

Then, suddenly enough, this laughter makes us close: the real child, the imaginary one, the curly teacher.



snowmen are fond of drinking cold milk and icy water. Also, they like chocolate but they hate the steam. They often hold a broom, not for sweeping, but for reasons of beauty. And sometimes they have a pocket with one button to keep their wooden hand a bit warmer.

my students said and drew today


I have sensed the mirror and the mirror is changed.

I do no longer see the known reflection.

I see what is built by successive movements somehow towards a lake that had to be foreseen. But the movements were not all mine.

What once was new, now seems to look back as an unfamiliar friend.


we were together on the road, together we have been running
the smallest bird watched us going
how far? how much longer?

intimate thunder inside the cave
to see, to hear, to be able to speak
to find the language written on grounds, on waters running from one cloud

where is the end, where the beginning
of routes
and sites
reflected on skies and tears

ψηφίδες ενός κόσμου που αναθρέφει τα γυμνά κλαδιά για την κάρπωση της άνοιξης

Ένας ένας προοριζόμαστε για ένα κίνημα. Γέννηση. Επιτόπια απόθεση της μύχιας πληροφορίας σε ένα χρονικό δέλεαρ. Η ζωή υπερέχει.

turning to

two towns

ps. the photos are taken from this site.

new town for me, old town in oneself !


right at this moment, I sense a movement in the air. I look at the sky. An unreadable language is written by a fragmented cloud. It is so clearly formed, that I do my best to conceive it, certain that its meaning is urgently temporary; yet, it is an offered answer.

what night should have been, therefore, suspended for me to learn

yet, no matter the impossible quest, I mind not the impossible. It is done.

After a whole one single night of wonder, I am a changed creature and my life has turned to a new direction.


far away peaceful land