i ask-
how will my generation be documented
in history


today it is the most mysterious moon of the year

the only planet which gets closer to us
so close that we can see the human face
reflecting on its dry-land

-do you see?

in my mind, silently, i have made several comparative pairs

i have jointed Picasso with Le Corbusier

and Karolos Koun with Manolis Andronikos

also, Halepas with Theofilos
and many others, less identifiable.

I imagine, for the ones i cannot find their proper pair,
the crowds of people i have never heard about,
the millions who have lived and created and i know nothing about


the moon is almost full
it gets yellower outside and only darker inside
as if for the greater importance of
land to be imposed on the human cave

and then, shortly after,
blue fires are twisting onto our heads


and days and numbers