इन white

द्रिप्पिंग व्हिते कोलोर्स इन फ्रोंत ऑफ़ थे

our new kind of vocabulary
introduced by the roots


the same thought in the daylight

good morning
white-lighted, sung and unstopped

once i put my mind on the case of language
i feel i am floating on a piece of land which moves
on a world of flowing water
maybe because i do not know so much
maybe because i have excused myself from the task
of creating

nice morning
greyishly shaded with the smell of tea gathered in the mountains

ps. the swans who can talk

again, thank you Ritva


i have seen the only possible -perceivable- time
the movement of the clouds the suns and the moon
mine has been a thought for seeing for moving for suffering the
existence of the humankind

communicating the thought presupposes a language in common
as swans could have -i think- conveyed the experience of their journey
by forcing the sea to reveal the essence of waves


to my friend T and
to my friend Ritva
with my best wishes



intuition towards love
framing the world