the tourist driving glance

I keep walking in my city. I am practically a tourist.

The tourist gaze reforms it all; reshapes it through
fragmented instants.

A tourist keeps looking for a new social identity investigating
the unknown.

He is constantly hoping.



να σας συστήσω

let me introduce you

έξω : outside

in search of a window to look what surrounds us

διερευνώντας αυτό που μας περιβάλλει (αν βρούμε το άνοιγμα)

2βουνά : 2mountains


στην αρχή : at the beginning

to begin from basics.

Start over

from plain grass

to stone;

from land

and sky;

from dead leaves

to new flowers amongst the rocks.

ναυμαχίες του ουρανού

sun within clouds

naval battles of the sky

these are spectators, silent and exhausted.

a theatrical slope, don't you think.

θάλασσα της στεριάς : the sea of land

"Tα πρωινά όνειρα αργούν να μ' αποχωριστούν"
Γ. Σεφέρης (Μέρες: 1925)

"The dreams of early morning reluctantly abandon me"
G. Seferis (Days: 1925)

"Morning dreams take time to depart from me"

"My morning dreams take time to detach"



in just one garden

I am inclined to believe that there is -somewhere on this planet- a place where simplicity and age are appreciated and approached with awe.
We would only need our eyes to see. We would only love. There.