as we speak

so many different things occur in life
 we have missed each other whilst being together
alive means to long for

trees turn green from black
and tears turn white and soft



my dear friend, Ritva, gave me this award
i thank her very much
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thank you all, your blogs are dear and beautiful places to visit with my mind ! 
all the best

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it is sealed. 


this house has two parts, the one built before 1950 and the other sometime later, perhaps in 1965. It is not going to live for much longer. I paid my visit and met the son of the builder. The oldest part of the house was made out of bricks that he created, moved to the site (with his sons) and put in place. The upper part was for the family. The other for the animals and the harvest. It reminded me of a castle and then i found out that it was built in a quite similar way!