we lost two important teachers this summer:
Zorz Sarri, the writer, she wrote for the children, she raised lots of them, included me;
Tsolakis Christos, the teacher. They both were restless at work, determined to their goal.
With dignity and modesty and beauty.

Marcos Aurilios writes:
As if you are to leave from life this instant, this is the way to act each time
to speak and think.

and then he adds:
what does death mean; after you examine it separately and you set it apart from the things you have connected it with, you shall consider it nothing but the work of nature; whoever is afraid of nature's work, he is a child.


from the desert of the forest
the yellow bird suspends 
the gift of the day of today
there is little one could do
to realise how fortunate this time is

just add:
the yellow sun
the bluest sky
the warmest earth
the little blossoms around the eye
the shadow
the water of the spring
and sea
running through one's own body
and the sound of mid-day
and the sound of mid-night