from the desert of the forest
the yellow bird suspends 
the gift of the day of today
there is little one could do
to realise how fortunate this time is

just add:
the yellow sun
the bluest sky
the warmest earth
the little blossoms around the eye
the shadow
the water of the spring
and sea
running through one's own body
and the sound of mid-day
and the sound of mid-night


4 σχόλια:

Ritva είπε...

hi dear friend!
good to have you back :)

with all those visions.
i take them like a blanket and wrap myself round it.

i´ve been hatching like a hen all summer. suits me :) thinking, reading, writing and gardening. looking and wondering.
how about you?

Finn είπε...

i've been running like a lazy rabbit :)
doing chores, thinking about wining this race and sleeping at different places!
random dreams

ibb είπε...

your been back, with so fresh words, with yellow optimistic views...
me too back, from a week in lazy days...will write and show photos...

Finn είπε...

hello, my friends, hello!


another month deep into the summer
even away from the sea
even at home or at work
one can feel
it is the celebration of the sun

i saw some views that took my breath away
i have no pictures of them to show to you to share with you
my camera is damaged
i wish you could have seen them with me