it's been foggy today; reminded me of a wonderful day last year
we walked a lot i remember

today, it is the 27th of august 2012
what is there to remember from this day? nothing really
nothing much an ordinary simple day for the simple man

a woman in her forties died today
the date for her death was this day

yes, it can be; our lives that meet then set apart
different locations where you may transpass
some are transparent like river waters
some are like the rocks

do we choose already? are you sure you chose correctly?
never, never set foot on the land of this ignorant certainty

you may come now

you have to bring the best of you my flower my little child


what is there to find?

each time, in every repetitive act
in those actions of life mundane 
which keep us alive

you may think them as trivial 
but pay your respect 
to find their hidden grace 

under the branches and the roots 
there are routes to take 
get your hands and faces dirty 
mess courageously with the dirt


Χρόνια Πολλά 
σαν τα βότσαλα της ακτής 
και τα κύματα της θαλάσσης 
το ζεύγος που μετρά με κίνηση και με στάση 
τον χρόνο 

με το βλέμμα στραμμένο στον Άθωνα 
Χρόνια Πολλά 


like the pebbles of the shore
and the waves of the sea;
the couple which counts time
in movement and in stillness

wish for many years of life ahead of us all