in Did

I am almost there-

it would take a purification to be able to see around. Even the trees and the waters, even the most tangible material, cannot be seen through the lenses.

I travel too fast
too fast I live


one can write with his arch
the way he bends over his elbows on top of his finger
under the lamp; one can sing with his eyes
can draw with his feet, the way he stops over the land
inside the dirt
the biggest task is to find the source of
the meaning of

One can play with the different beings of answers
The most personal task is to build the questions for all


Covered by the rhythm


"je m' exprime mieux depuis que je ne parle plus a des hommes" (Gide, Philoctete)

the more the talking, the more the repetition of words. I thus might conclude that man can teach himself to be any man if only he decides to practice.

If only I could hear the reflection


inside this land, water runs in the land's veins.
my ears are filled with air

at a moment, i will stand
and walk
in the storm

shall I teach my self this modestness

we get married, then, there is the time we separate.

we have spoken. All those figures lay their head
on a piece of land.

small pieces of land

we wave our knife towards the sky
we have lived and spared the life of the flower

today, we marry
today we love and laugh

Ο αγαπημένος μου κατέβηκε στον κήπο του,
σε βραγιές μυριστικά,
για να βοσκήσει το κοπάδι του στους κήπους
και για να μαζέψει κρίνα.
Εγώ είμαι του αγαπημένου μου κι αυτός δικός μου
που βόσκει το κοπάδι του στα κρίνα.

[ΑΣΜΑ ΑΣΜΑΤΩΝ, μεταγραφή Γ. Σεφέρης]