2 rivers


παλιές φωτογραφίες ενθυμήσεων και ελπίδων

από τη φίλη Τασούλα


Τι συμφορά, ενώ είσαι καμωμένος
για τα ωραία και μεγάλα έργα
η άδικη αυτή σου η τύχη πάντα
ενθάρρυνσι κ' επιτυχία να σε αρνείται-
να σ' εμποδίζουν ευτελείς συνήθειες,
και μικροπρέπειες, κι αδιαφορίες.
Και τι φρικτή η μέρα που ενδίδεις
(η μέρα που αφέθηκες κ' ενδίδεις),
και φεύγεις οδοιπόρος για τα Σούσα,
και πιαίνεις στον μονάρχην Αρταξέρξη
που ευνοϊκά σε βάζει στην αυλή του,
και σε προσφέρει σατραπείες και τέτοια.
Και συ τα δέχεσαι με απελπισία
αυτά τα πράγματα που δεν τα θέλεις.
Άλλα ζητεί η ψυχή σου, γι' άλλα κλαίει-
τον έπαινο του Δήμου και των Σοφιστών,
τα δύσκολα και τ' ανεκτίμητα Εύγε-
την Αγορά, το Θέατρο, και τους Στεφάνους.
Αυτά πού θα στα δώσει ο Αρταξέρξης,
αυτά πού θα τα βρεις στη σατραπεία-
και τι ζωή χωρίς αυτά θα κάμεις.

Η Σατραπεία, Κ.Π. Καβάφης

listen to the poem, if you wish, here


whispers of night and day
the whisper of nights and days
i suspect our language imposed the first brief rule.

followed by past cities
in houses unbuilt
there will be time to lose the content
and holes for a quick look through.


today, in the morning
in just very few minutes
before i took the way into town

the photos, my extra eyes
they take me back into time


enclosed by space
nostalgic increasing thought about the future
a piano and a violin encircled the body with a simple touch
finally, remember
how to talk, to walk, to extrovert the feeling towards life

be thankful about this life


yesterday today this morning last night
all this time together in our housecliff

we knew the best and easiest way out, but we stayed

there is no window but the one we take the time to stare through

we would like to exercise our freedom
i kind of already miss a laugh with my child

the sorrow of us all
and our relief
imperfection makes us sad
and human.

inside the house a bug is climbing
and flying towards the light
a butterfly stays still probably sleeping
on the edge of the ceiling (remember the line of Kariotakis)
the bird sleeps under the scarf i use to conceal the light and create
the night

(it's just yours)

studying with good company


      My birthday began with the water-
Birds and the birds of the winged trees flying my name
Above the farms and the white horses
And I rose
In a rainy autumn
And walked abroad in shower of all my days
High tide and the heron dived when I took the road
Over the border
And the gates

Of the town closed as the town awoke.

Dylan Thomas, poem in october


i see the old sheets, the ones with colors and flowers, the old poor worn out furniture. In the old days, they put on the walls family photographs, rare formal photos, in the formal outfit. There is still, in my grandfather's room, the picture of his father, dressed as a soldier, that died at his forties and was already thought to be old. His eyes are sparkling. My grandmother has a similar photo over the oven. Both fathers look so alike to their sons. But they are too distant.



it is rather cold during the night and also early in the morning
the sun arises later than before
storks have already left us
i think the night's darkness becomes deeper, perhaps because of the absent moon
it is so great to be, just that
the more we see the more we react and we see no more
this has been my remembrance
ended up on a sea shore and saw the lights coming from inside the houses
some were carrying tools and wood
and my grandfather was lying with a serious gesture towards
they say that kids have a clearer vision-i think not
but for the reflection of things
which is also true for adults.
The point of difference is drawn upon our determination
(not upon the resulted vision)
a funny observation:
when you approach the cage of the bird
your eyes at a certain distance
ignore the metal lines and see right through
or adjusted.

millions of birds pass over our head
soon it will be midnight the emigrants will spread shadowy signs on the river


i hear the wind around the house, the sound encircled the night
all things become thinner protected by light
i see and hear and feel something transparent