enclosed by space
nostalgic increasing thought about the future
a piano and a violin encircled the body with a simple touch
finally, remember
how to talk, to walk, to extrovert the feeling towards life

be thankful about this life

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ibb είπε...

It is great to be here again...to feel you are ok. To read you are thankful about your life...and music all around.
I have problems with the computer and the blog...it is the work computer so I will try to take internet at home...and no problems...

Here, thinks are grey...feel alone...too much.

But blue skie helps to feel a bit better...

Finn είπε...

dear Ibb, welcome back!
appreciating life is not an accomplishment, it is an athlema (greek word that means kind of a constant struggle, like athletes of life:). We have to focus on what we choose and try for the things we choose and then overcome and take care and rest, knowing there are too many we can't ignore.

Janis είπε...

I am moved by your photos and beautiful poetry, and just now catching up. I feel like I've been walking uphill like the white ducks in your photo - trying to stay in line. Though it is peaceful here, so much to see, lots of places to wander, fields to nap in ... I think I'll stay for a while. xo

Una είπε...

Hellou. =)

I love shadows... <3
And all your pictures. =)

Ritva είπε...

thank you for the link you gave me!
i will take some time to look all there is.
may beauty be with you!