i wouldn't have guessed
this kind of life was out of range
i wouldn't have guessed it would be mine
and it would flow so rapidly

i thought of many lives
but only i thought of them
i could see better in the past
than in the present
now i see i have not seen but guessed


when we depart

in turn
we become
the shadow of acts

thus it means
repetition would resist
personal differentiation

would that always then
i surrender

the following dawn
i need to see
the sun arising
and afterwards
the moon arising from the same point;
the same movement
from different bodies

attraction is a kind of gravity
in order that one should finally root

but it takes always an observer

to admit the existence through love.


'το σταμνί που δεν ήθελε να στερέψει στο τέλος της μέρας '

ταιριάζει ο στίχος του Σεφέρη

σε κάθε ψυχούλα
σαν μικρή πνοή που κατοικεί στο χρόνο