gifts for the memory to withhold
the oranges, the fruit, the flower
the eye and all that are doomed and free
such captures are our gifts
the trophies for our journey.

4 σχόλια:

Ritva είπε...

there´s a yellow tone that brings me back to my childhood- it must have been a paper dress for my paper doll, i´m not sure, but every time i see it, it makes me feel warm inside, like i was captured in the middle of a lovely play, where everything is just fine and everybody is happy.
just a tone.
thank you also for the photos from your journey!

ibb είπε...

Travelling with you is always a great pleasure, a way of going out of here. Of feeling a bit more free at all...what I try and not always is easy...
those oranges in glass are different, a way of keeping that streght for the rest of the year...

Finn είπε...

thank you so much for visiting me, i am just catching my breath
then i'll make the coffee
and sit with you to talk

♥ w o o l f ♥ είπε...

such beautiful, strong light, in winter.