once upon a time
there came the time
when man had to create groups of people
in order to survive
did there exist a sense of differentiation of each person of the group? probably not, at first
societies in their broad meaning inhabit space (πόλεις) and create their way of coexistence
through politics (πολιτική)
there is of course the creation of things and the creation of ideas
but in the course of time
one can hardly draw a clear line between the two
in the advanced part of the world as they call it.
Objects and even human subjects
become actual symbols. The more the latter participate in this world as symbols -a symbol always pressuposes something broader than an individual, because the symbol of this kind is in fact manufactured and promoted and has an unquestionable meaning- the more they are meant to find satisfaction in a false sense of freedom of choice and freedom of living as individuals of their own right.

We are not symbols though nor is the land we stand upon nor is the chair we sit on nor is the bread we live upon.

Do we really have to be left totally bare?
little by little the fog becomes transparent
amongt us

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Ritva είπε...

yes, little by little