there is another similar question
about tradition and customs cultural habits and
the emergence of truth
were we to evolve ourselves through repetition? - each time
if we pay attention we might find something which needs to be altered
and little by little we change it hopefully for the best
why then are we so moved by innovation or even by mere change?
is it us, our inner curiosity about the unknown, or is it because we have to consume so many new delicate information about the things we could try to use? innovation and tradition- both dimensions of time
so the question is
does the experience of ourselves using all those for-a-short-period things makes us think we last more in life?
our grandparents' things and habits make us short-lasting?
what a picture: compared to those fragile new things and the changing information about them, counting time by their period of use, we are indeed stronger
indeed we are
but then
things given to us and taken for granted by us
which survived through time and became part of us when we ignored them
they are stronger
they will reappear when we'll be gone

and you find yourself in the smile of a grandmother's face and a stone resting on the doorsill

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Maria είπε...

Thank you for your words.You are so wise woman.