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τον τόπο έστρωσαν τα χιόνια της καρδιάς
άσπρα μαλλιά αιώνιο μίλημα κι αντίλαλοι παντού

5 σχόλια:

Theresa είπε...

Hi Finn,
I consolidated Green Mama into All of Us. So nice to meet you too :)

Janis είπε...

These bodies of water are so beautiful, soothing. I knew I would find that mood if I came here... and the soft cloud hoovering above - comforting.

annamaria είπε...

Beautiful blog- it makes me nostalgic. I left Greece six years ago and haven't managed to return. I have a new life so far away. Thank you for this. It's lovely to visit.:)

isoinpapu είπε...

I came here right away to see these healing views. Thank you.

Ritva είπε...

what can i say?!
dear you!